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Visonic mobile App

Visonic Powermax Complete kit

alarm from anywhere in the world as well as configure user pass codes, view live image and video clips (CAM PG2 required shown below)​, receive alarms and alerts, check event history and check zone status. 

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Visonic mobile App.

​Wireless Burglar or Intruder Alarms are now as commonly installed as hard wired alarms.  Wireless technology is now so advanced that no longer do you get problems with radio interference from Police or taxi radios or other electrical interference.

The kit shown in the picture to the left is the Visonic Powermax Complete and comes with the control panel, door contact, two passive infra red detectors, an external warning device with strobe and two remote key fobs for setting and unsetting the system. Installed from £349.00 plus VAT

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Wireless Burglar Alarms

The Visonic Powermaster 30 is a slightly more expensive option, however much better, with the 5 to 8 year detector battery life and smarter key fob it also has more programming functions.  The main feature of this kit is the two way communication between control panel and detectors, making it more secure and more economical.  We would always recommend this upgrade at the time of quoting as its supply and installation price is from only

£459.00 plus VAT

Visonic Powermax Complete kit

Visonic Mobile App

​The Visonic mobile App for smart phones is available on Android and iPhone.  The App enables the user to set and unset their 

Visonic Powermaster 30 incorporating Power G technology

To view images you will need the CAM PG2 detector, this detector will take snapshots whenever the system is armed and it detects movement, causing an alarm activation, the alarm notification will then be sent to your mobile where you can view the image and determine if its an intruder or just a family member forgetting to disarm the alarm