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Visonic Powermax Complete kit

At Camplex we mainly use two different makes of wireless alarms, these are either Visonic or Texecom, both top of the market, excellent, user friendly, but professional systems.

Wireless alarms start from only

£349.00 plus VAT

Texecom keypad

Pole mounted security lighting

Pole mounted floodlights with CCTV camera

Security lighting is a massive deterrent in any situation, quite often thieves will choose a night with a full moon as there is just enough light to see where they are going but not quite enough to attract attention to themselves. With some extra flood lights that light up when they approach or even permanently on is a massive deterrent.  With low energy consuming LED lights they are now much more economical to run.

High Definition CCTV

​HD-TVI and IP Network CCTV for the Home and Business, providing amazing picture quality at prices you may be surprised at.  Upgrade your existing system using the existing cabling.

If you are in the position where we can run cables discreetly, for example during a refurbishment when the ceilings are down or before the walls have been plastered then a wireless alarm may the the option for you.  The advantage of a hard wired system is all devices are powered from the main power supply in the control panel, therefore no detector batteries to worry about.  The best thing to do is contact us to discuss the options and maybe arrange a FREE survey so we can design the best system for you home or business.

At Camplex we use Texecom alarm equipment, a brand that we know and trust.  Texecom alarms are also very versatile when it comes to integrating with home automation and building management systems.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems

Wireless Burglar alarm systems are now as commonly installed by security companies as hard wired alarms.  Wireless technology is now so advanced that no longer do you get problems with radio interference from Police or taxi radios or other electrical interference.  Most home alarm systems will benefit from these wire free products