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Fire Alarms – Residential

You no longer need to put your home and family at risk from fire. Camplex can install a fire alarm in your property that will provide early warning in the event of a fire. Fire can have devastating effects, not just on lives but also on your financial situation.

A fire can develop, in just 45 seconds, the whole room is engulfed, most people take 45 seconds just to open their eyes from being asleep.  

For a small investment you can save your lives and get early warning of smoke, before a fire even starts.

​Conventional and Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Alarms for HMO's, Homes and other residential properties

How quickly could you get out of bed, get dressed, wake up the kids, get down stairs and out the front door?

​Five minutes? Three minutes maybe? What about if you are fast asleep, who is going to wake you up? In a fire like this, no-one is going to wake you up, EVER.  Don't put if off any longer!

Residential fire alarms must comply with BS5839 Part 6, this standard states that a fire alarm can integrated with your intruder alarm, we don't even need to run cables to the smoke or heat detectors, they can be wireless. Its a small cost compared to what you could loose without fire detection.

In HMO's, (Houses of Multiple Occupancy), the standards are slightly higher, it is recommended that a Fire Alarm is installed close to BS5839 Part 1 in the communal areas and mains interlinked smoke alarms are installed in the dwelling

Residential Fire Alarms are designed to BS5839 Part 6, at Camplex we are FIA qualified to design your fire alarm system. So often people will fit smoke alarms in the wrong place or fit the wrong type, so often we have seen fire alarms fitted by electricians that do not comply with the standards. It is the responsible person for the property that must ensure Fire standards are complied with, it is our responsibility to ensure that your fire alarm is designed and installed to the standards. We will provided you with certification to confirm that your fire alarm has been designed and installed to BS5839 Part 6.

If you are unsure as to whether you require a Fire Alarm, then please contact us.​

Fire Detection & Alarms for residential properties