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Annual Service £249 Plus VAT

  • Electrical safety tests - Earth fault loop impedance and RCD trip times, secure connections.
  • Inspect all Hot Tub wiring
  • Complete system flush to remove limescale, biofilm and bacteria
  • De scale Ozonator (if fitted)
  • De scale pumps and heater
  • Drain down and vacuum water from plumbing
  • Clean Spa shell, jets & diverters
  • Clean and de-grease filters
  • Check / replace union seals where necessary
  • Check and replace heater gaskets where necessary
  • Clean and vacuum service compartment and check for signs of leaking, rotting, corrosion, rodents or pests
  • Clean and treat cover and cabinet
  • Remove & clean pillows
  • Re fill with fresh water
  • Treat and balance the water chemistry
  • Provide full service report with any advisories

Camplex are based near Braintree and cover the Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridge are, we are qualified by the American University, Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) as Certified Hot Tub Technician (CHTT) to carry out professional maintenance and repairs to your Hot Tub Spa.  

Call out & repair £75 Plus VAT

Call out charge including 1st hours labour 

Hot Tub servicing

Quarterly Service £159 Plus VAT

  • Electrical safety test - RCD trip test
  • Inspect wiring
  • Inspect plumbing
  • De scale Ozonator (if fitted)​
  • Drain down 
  • Clean Tub shell
  • Clean and de-grease filters
  • Clean & treat cover and cabinet
  • Re fill with fresh water
  • Treat and balance water chemistry

Hot Tub Servicing and Repair in Braintree

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If you have recently invested in a Hot Tub or already owned one for a while, you will hopefully of realised the many benefits it has on your lifestyle, not only can you entertain your guests or just relax with friends and family, but time spent in a Hot Tub can have massive benefits to your health and fitness levels.

The most important part of Hot Tub maintenance is keeping the water chemistry well balanced, well balanced water will lead to a long Hot Tub life.  Of course things do break down, pumps cease up, heaters burn out, valves get stuck and Ozonators only last a few years, so get in touch if you would like us to bring your Hot Tub back to life.