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​Conventional, Analogue Addressable and Wireless Fire Alarm systems for businesses

Wired and Wireless Fire Alarm Systems for businesses

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are responsible for carrying out their own Fire Risk Assessments in order to prevent fire in business and residential properties

If you run a business premises with 5 or more staff, then by law you must have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out, by a person competent or by a Fire Risk Assessment professional. Detailed on the fire risk assessment should be any remedial action to be taken in order to protect you, your staff and your property from fire, this may well include a new Fire Alarm installation.

If you should be inspected by the local Fire Officer and are not taking measures to protect from fire you could risk being shut down. If you have a fire and someone is injured and you have not followed guidelines, you could risk going to prison.  

Fire Alarms for commercial properties are designed to BS5839 Part 1, at Camplex we are FIA qualified to design your fire alarm system. So often people will fit smoke alarms in the wrong place or fit the wrong type, so often we have seen fire alarms fitted by electricians that do not comply with the standards. It is the responsible person for the property that must ensure Fire standards are complied with, it is our responsibility to ensure that your fire alarm is designed and installed to the standards. We will provided you with certification to confirm that your fire alarm has been designed and installed to BS5839 Part 1.

If you are unsure as to whether you require a Fire Alarm, or you would like us to provide a Fire Risk Assessment then please contact us.

Fire Alarms – Commercial

You no longer need to put your business and staff at risk from fire. Camplex can install a fire alarm in your property that will provide early warning in the event of a fire. Fire can have devastating effects, not just on lives but also on your financial situation. Most business that shut down due to fire, never trade again

Commercial Fire Alarms must meet BS5839 Part 1 standards, at Camplex we are qualified to design and install your Fire Alarm to these standards.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that people