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The quality of CCTV images has dramatically change over the recent years, no longer do we have to suffer poor quality images from old type analogue cameras.

New technology has now made it possible to have secure and reliable high definition and even ultra high 4k definition CCTV cameras.  The two main technologies are;

1. HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) Now available to a resolution of 5 mega pixels, but provides a fantastic 4K picture quality that we are used to on our new 4K televisions.  The advantage of HD-TVI is that it will transmit the video data down coax cable.  As long as the cable is pure copper it will transmit over distances of up to 300m, far further than the previous HD-SDI and SDI cameras.  The other main advantage of HD-TVI is that the cost is similar to that of the older analogue equipment, that together with the possibility of utilising the existing cable network of high quality RG59 (used on an old analogue system) can make it a very economical project in upgrading an existing old analogue system.

Until recently there were limited cameras available for this technology, but now there are so many new models being released.  The HD-TVI DVR that we use at Camplex is made by Hikvision, these DVR's are hybrid models, this means that not only will they run HD-TVI, but will also accept old analogue cameras and even IP cameras.

Typical IP dome camera with Infra Red LED's

Pole mounted PTZ camera with wireless network communication and passive infra red motion detectors

All CCTV systems that are installed by Camplex can be configured so that you can view your cameras on your mobile phone, tablet or PC anywhere in the world, whether you are out for the evening or on holiday abroad, this facility has huge advantages, not only can you check on the security of your property, but we can also configure outputs from the CCTV system so that you can remotely switch on lighting, close the curtains, open the garage door or even water the garden.  With video analytic software now included in the IP package of certain systems it could even be configured to monitor items of equipment such as your car and send you a message if your car leaves the driveway or garage and again notify you when it returns, ideal when you have booked it in for a service while you are away.

CCTV on your mobile device

2. IP Network cameras, these cameras are now so much more advanced than they were ten years ago, they are available in much higher resolutions and offer the facility to be used in conjunction with analytic software to provide functions such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Object Monitoring, People Counting, Face Detection, Object Missing, Object Left Unattended as well as Motion Detection. IP cameras always used to be a very expensive option, but now licensing is a thing of the past and popularity has increased the cost has rapidly decreased

CCTV on your mobile device

High Definition CCTV